School Uniform

Dear Parents:

Thank you for all of your support in implementing uniforms this past year. We are working hard at the district to make sure we are following through with the intent of the uniform guidelines.

At this time, we would like to introduce you to, or review, the guidelines for uniforms. Attached you will find an updated copy of these guidelines. There have been some minor changes.

· All clothing worn during school or at school-sponsored events must adhere to the dress code.

· All polo shirts must be of a solid color consisting of maroon, black, white, or gray for the tops. Pants may consist of black or blue jeans, black slacks, or khaki slacks. Pants must not have holes or rips and must be worn starting above the hips. Shorts may be worn, but must be black or blue jeans, black or khaki, and must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knees.

· Shirts are not required to be tucked in, but they must be of the right size. No undersized or oversized shirts will be permitted. Shirts must be of appropriate length and have no more than three buttons. The top button must start at the neckline and the bottom button must be not more than 5 inches from the top button. When wearing the shirt, all buttons must be able to be buttoned. If shirts are layered, the outer layer must be the polo and all other layers must be maroon, black, white, or gray.

· Students may wear outerwear (coats) to and from school. Coats do not need to be in uniform color. However, the intent is for the outerwear to be hung up or put in lockers upon arrival to school. Coats, outer clothing and backpacks with red or blue will not be allowed

· If students would like to wear jackets, sweatshirts, or sweaters during the school day, they must be of uniform colors, maroon, black, white, gray, or “spirit” outerwear, as long as their polo shirt is still worn underneath. Hooded sweatshirts are allowed but all hoods must remain down.

· Spirit Day is Friday. On this day, students may wear clothing referred to as “spirit” wear defined as clothing that is affiliated with school clubs or organizations that promote school pride and are pre-approved through the building principal. Spirit Friday will be allowed by the principals as a reward for the students complying with the uniform policy throughout the week.

· Gang affiliation Any clothing, hairstyles, tattoos, or adornments that denote gang affiliation in any way will not be allowed at our schools. Students may not wear anything with any red or blue. If you have any questions about what this means please feel free to ask the building administration for clarification.

Please take a minute to review the guide with your children. We want our students to be “Dressed for Success” at school. We do want to partner with our parents to make this program successful. Please make certain your child has dressed appropriately for school. We want our children in school but if they come to school dressed inappropriately they will not be allowed to stay there.

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact your child's building principal.