PBIS Event

It has been a couple of months now that students and teachers have been back to school at Morris Schott STEAM Elementary - and we are starting to feel a hint of what we remember loving about school again! The last few months have been a lot of hard work, with teachers and students practicing and remembering what it is like to learn in a classroom for seven hours a day, and it is starting to pay off!

MSSE has started to have a little fun again! As a PBIS school, our House Points, Individual Points, and Rewards are an essential part of what we do. As students adhere to and practice the Warrior Hero Code - Responsible, Respectful, Safe students - they earn points. Each week there is a reward event students can "buy" entrance into with their points. Recently, a DODGEBALL tournament was held outside for all students with 100 points to buy into! It was a great fun time, and it was great to see kids excited and having fun together!

And we've been having fun learning as well! Our district's resident Science and Sustainability teacher Jonathan Betz has been helping teachers with exciting, engaging lessons - and connecting with the students in the process - I caught him jumping in to play "gaga ball" with a group out at recess last week :). 

Jonathan Betz - Wahluke School District's Science and Sustainability Teacher and Program Director

After a visit from Mr. Betz, 2nd-grade teacher Christina Kavanaugh said, "He was super engaging and fun. Everything was well prepared and hands-on, and he connected with the kids, and they learned something. We can't wait to see him again!"