Board Members

Lorraine Jenne

Lorraine Jenne

Board President

I grew up in a home where education was highly valued. Both my Mother and Father were teachers. Although my Mom only taught school for a few years when I was a child, she was definitely an educator at heart.  I attended school in a small town in Wyoming, K-12, and our lives revolved around the school and our church. 

After High School, I attended Rick's College, now BYUI, and received an Associate's degree.

I moved to Washington State in 1978 when I was married and I moved to Mattawa in October 1987. I have 6 children who have all attended school in Mattawa; most of them K-12. 

I have always loved music; singing and playing the piano particularly, and have volunteered at the school for years as an accompanist.  I loved being part of the musical theater program, working with the community and school.  Over the years, I have also volunteered in my kids' classrooms. 

I really enjoy sports. When I was young I especially loved playing volleyball and softball. Now I am only a big fan. I love watching basketball too, most especially when we win! Go Warriors!

I currently have 14, going on 15, grandchildren, ages 9 years-6 months.  I love being a Grandma!  I have 3 grandchildren attending school in Mattawa now with one more beginning school here next year. 

I am committed to the growth of our community through our greatest asset, our children!

Mabeline Pantaleon

Maybeline Pantaleon

Craig Sabin

Craig Sabin

I was born in Ellensburg, WA, and attended Kittitas High School. I obtained 2 years of college at Yakima Junior College and Brigham Young University. I was raised on a farm then began farming in a partnership with my father, got married in 1975 to Vicki Wright and had six children and 14 grandchildren. I wrestled some in college. I really enjoy riding motorcycles in the mountains and sand dunes, watching football and baseball, and serving in my church.


Seth Weeks

I grew up in Mattawa, WA; graduated from Wahluke in 2001. I love sports and have a passion for coaching kids. I am an advocate for Mattawa and Wahluke Schools. I have 3 kids and an amazing wife.

Jesse Chiprez

Jesse Chiprez