Wahluke Equity and Leadership Team

EQUITY JOURNEY AT WAHLUKE SCHOOL DISTRICT The Wahluke Equity and Leadership Team was established in the fall of the 2019-2020 school year. The WEL Team is a working team whose charge is to provide leadership with an equitable lens and provide momentum around implementing educational opportunities, policies, and programs focusing on equitable practices and outcomes for all students to thrive in welcoming and inclusive learning environments where students, staff, and parents know that they matter and that they belong. 

District Diversity Statement 

WSD’s mission is to empower and inspire students for all opportunities in life. To continue to follow the district mission with the evolution of our communities and districts demographics, WSD is charged with reshaping practices to best meet the needs of students and families the district serves.

WSD believes that equity in education is raising the achievement of all students while treating all students as the individuals they are, overall making sure that every child gets what they need to have all the skills and tools to pursue whatever they want after leaving our schools, to live a fulfilling life. We believe that equity is about outcomes and experiences for every student every day.

wel team

wel Team