MTSS-B Umbrella

What Does This Mean?


MTSS Behavior Team

Cecilia Segura
Early Learning at Mattawa Preschool
Extension: 3187

Rudy Hirai
MTSS Specialist at Mattawa Elementary
Extension: 3145

Laura Catlin
MTSS Specialist at Morris Schott STEAM Elementary
Extension: 3342

Melissa Hattaway
MTSS Specialist at Saddle Mountain Elementary
Extension: 3253

Autumn Harlow
Dean of Students at Wahluke Junior High
Extension: 3487

Alison Stickney
MTSS Specialist at Wahluke Junior High
Extension: 3487

Tier 1

District Supported Flowchart

Even with our proactive approach, we know that students are going to have behaviors appear. Each school has a process in how they handle those behaviors. These are called our flowcharts. Minors are little things that happen in the classroom that the teacher can support in helping the student change the behavior. Majors are more intense behaviors that can be more dangerous, more disruptive, and not handled by the teacher in the classroom. Our district believes in a positive teaching approach to behavior and the flowchart is a reflection of that. 

While each building will create its own flowchart based on the supports they will do in their school. They are based on the district-created flowchart.

Example flow chart

Example Flowchart

These documents were created with the help of coaches, counselors, and building care teams. The goal of this document is to ensure that all stakeholders have a way to understand the process of MTSS B support Tiers and show the different supports our district has to offer our students.