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(509) 932-4565

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We believe better-nourished students are ready to learn and do better in class (in-person and online).  When our students have healthy food choices and regular physical activity at school and at home, they learn healthier habits for life.  Wahluke School District is a Provision 2 district, which means meals are served to students at no charge.

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"Being healthy isn't about inches, pounds, or how kids look - it's about how they feel and making sure they feel good about themselves. So rather than focusing on appearance, it's important to emphasize to kids that when we eat healthy food and stay active, we feel better, and we can perform better in everything we do, from athletics to academics."

Michelle Obama  

   Interview with Morgan Whitaker, September 10, 2015.

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Staff Directory

Jennie Norton
Director of Nutrition Services
(509) 932-4565

Ruth Best

Susie Bourbonnie

Edelmira Bravo Acevedo

Charlene Dorrell

Chuck Dorrell

Peggy Ellefson

Terri Haupt-Davis

Larissa Hebdon

Teresa Kummer

Amy Long

Victor Longmire

Juana Mendoza

Terry Mitchell

Rodimiro Rosas

Nicole Stout

Yaneli Suarez Romero

Lynda Webber

Gladis Zamora