Community Outreach

Meet the Team


Gigi Calaway
Prevention Program Director
Extension: 3041

Lino Sanchez Torres
Community Coalition Coordinator
WJH HOPE Squad Advisor

Oscar Herrera
WHS/WJH Student Assistance Professional
WHS HOPE Squad Advisor

Brisa Gonzalez
WH Substance Abuse Prevention Assistant
SEL Instructional Para

Community Coalition

Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative to reduce MJ, Alcohol, Tobacco in Wahluke School District youth K-12

Coalition Formed: 2016

Vision: A safe and healthy community where young people are equipped for a bright and successful future

Mission: Our mission is to promote a healthier, drug and alcohol-free community for our youth through education, advocacy, and prevention strategies

Funding Sources: CPWI (130K), DFC (125K), DOH (5K)

Organizational Structure: Wahluke School District is the Fiscal Agent. Paid staff: Program Director, Community Coordinator, Student Assistant Professional and Prevention Education Assistant. Local Volunteer Leadership