Small Works Rosters

Wahluke School District No. 73 has contracted with Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington State for administration of our agency's Small Works Roster.  The MRSC Small Public Works Roster is an online system used by multiple Washington State counties, cities and special districts to connect with businesses who would like to provide construction, repair or maintenance services for small public works under $350,000.00.  Per State Statute, RCW 39.04.155, public agencies may choose to use a roster as an alternative to advertising per project.

To continue being eligible to work on small public works projects or consultants projects, please join MRSC Rosters for free at  To remain listed, your business must renew annually.

Click on "Join MRSC Rosters" and follow these steps:

  1. Click "Contractor Registration"

  2. Click "Create Account"

  3. Click "Select Public Agency Roster(s)" to be on the roster that will be used by our District. 

  4. Choose "Membership"

  5. Complete the Application by entering your business information.

  6. Verification - Within 2-3 days of account completion, MRSC checks that your business is not debarred from working on public works, has a valid Washington UBI# and a valid Washington Department of Revenue account.  You will then receive an email confirmation when your business is listed.

View more detailed information about MRSC Rosters.