Safety & Security

The role of Safety and Security is to create a safe environment for students to be able to come to school and feel safe and only have to worry about attending school.

Safety and Security has a role when it comes to:

  • transportation safety to and from school (directing traffic and crosswalk safety)

  • supervision of all school functions during and after school

  • insuring that all school grounds and buildings are working properly

  • partnership with the community police department to provide an extra layer of protection and service to students.


Alex Zesati
School Resource Officer (SRO)
Extension: 3584

John McPherson
Safety & Security Coordinator
Extension: 3054

SSOCC: School Safety Operations and Coordination Center

This year, Wahluke is participating in the SSOCCs program through ESD 105.

SSOCC helps the district with several safety measures:

They prepare the district with different situations as well as:

  • Monthly safety consultations

  • Leading Practice Safe School Plan

  • Development of Crisis Planning and Response Team

  • Comprehensive school safety training

  • Progressive school safety drills

  • Quick and easy customizable resources

  • Accountability for drills, exercises, and other legal requirements

  • Threat Assessment

  • Alerting and Communication Tools

  • Monitoring and reporting on 911 alerts.

Safety situtations

Wahluke works with SSOCCs to plan for different situations that could put student safety at risk. There are four core drills that schools participate in on a monthly basis that covers most situations that may happen.

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