Board Policies

Public Notice:

WSD is currently in the process of organizing and moving to another School Board Policy platform. Please keep in mind that some of the Policies and Procedures below might not be in chronological order, or the most up to date. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to our District's Administrative Assistant: Cheryl Douglas | | 509-932-4565 EX:3052

Setting school policy is a crucial school board role in our system of education governance. Like Congress, state legislatures and city or county councils, school boards establish the direction and structure of their school districts by adopting policies through the authority granted by state legislatures. School board policies have the force of law equal to statutes or ordinances. 

Policies establish directions for the district; they set the goals, assign authority and establish controls that make school governance and management possible.

Below you will find the Wahluke School Board's policies by topic. Click on a topic to view the policies it encompasses.