Wahluke Salmon Live "Stream"

This year the Wahluke Science & Sustainability Department, in collaboration with the Grant County PUD, is participating in the Salmon In The Classroom program to provide engaging learning opportunities for students in the Wahluke School District.

Wahluke School District is located on the traditional homelands of the Wanapum, or River People, who have lived in this region since time immemorial. Salmon have also lived in the Columbia River since time immemorial, but their survival is threatened. Salmon are an important cultural and economic resource, and as a keystone species are an indicator of overall ecosystem health. Hosting these eggs, and using them to educate, are part of the Science & Sustainability Team’s mission to teach students about living in partnership with the Earth using local, authentic, real-world learning examples and experiences.

Special thanks to the Wahluke Junior High science team for use of the tanks, Grant County PUD for the supply of the eggs, the Wahluke Tech Team for arranging the live “stream”, and the Wanapum for their stewardship of the land.