COVID-19 Transparency – January 25, 2021 – 3:45 PM 

We have experienced 6 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our District.

  • One PK Student - not on campus during a contagious period.
  • One SME Students - under investigation if they were on or off campus.
  • Two JH Students - one on campus during a contagious period, one not on campus during a contagious period


  • One PK staff member not on campus during a contagious period
  • One ME staff member not on campus during a contagious period

District Demographic Totals

Last updated: 1/22/2021 

School/DepartmentConfirmed Student Cases in the last 14 DaysConfirmed Staff Cases in the last 14 DaysNumber of Student/StaffCumulative Confirmed Student CasesCumulative Confirmed Staff Cases
Mattawa Preschool1196 / 2222
Mattawa Elementary82380 / 5393
Saddle Mountain Elementary42477 / 5973
Morris Schott Elementary11231 / 3471
Wahluke Junior High81595 / 67162
Wahluke High School81716 / 69113
Sentinel Tech Alternative

31 / 7

Virtual Learners

District Support
1/ 125
We value the health and well-being of our students, staff, and families. As you may be aware, many regions around the world are experiencing expanding outbreaks of COVID-19, and many confirmed cases have been identified in the State of Washington.

The district and our skilled nursing staff take our students' and staff's health very seriously and work with the Grant County Health District (GCHD) as positive Coronavirus cases appear in our community.

As the school year unfolds, we want to remind you all that. WSD will continue to share information with staff, parents, and our community (facts/resources are on all school and district websites). WSD also has dashboard data that will be updated daily and reflects current onsite staff, and student counts only.

WSD will continue to follow the Grant County Health District (GHD) and CDC guidelines. The process for parent/guardian and employee notification is as follows:

In coordination with the Grant County Health, when the district is notified of positive cases or possible exposures, we begin contact tracing within our buildings. The district may contact any staff member, parent, or community member identified as possibly being exposed. Once facts are determined, the district will guide quarantining and a possible return to work/school date. The district will then contact the health department to confirm the guidelines provided to the staff/parent. Once the district has confirmation from the health department, all staff members are notified that there was a positive case within their particular building. If there is a positive case within a classroom, the district will notify the students' parents in that specific room.

The district is bound by FERPA, HIPAA, and ADA regulations regarding the release of specific health information.

For more information, please visit our WSD website.